Praia da Galheta, Florianopolis

Although it is located between two of the busiest beaches of Ilha de Santa Catarina - Mole and Barra da Lagoa, beach Galheta and semi-desert, with access by a trail of 300 meters from the coast north of Mole.

Completely blank, with no infrastructure of bars and restaurants Galheta beach, in Florianopolis is ideal for those who enjoy nature in all its extension. Small strands of freshwater showers provide refreshing and revitalizing, the crystalline waters and moderate to large range of 950 meters of beach with fine white sand, rocks and mountains frame covered with vegetation and remnants of the Atlantic are Galheta a paradise, where silence is only broken by the waves. Protected by a hill that keeps it isolated from the road, Cruet, since the seventies, is frequented by naturalists, although the practice of nudism has never been mandatory. Surfers also enjoy the best waves of the place.
Distance from the beach to the center: 20 km.
Park Galheta
In the early '80s, the movement for environmental conservation has begun to challenge the speculation that would harm the natural beauty of the larger island of Santa Catarina. The persistent work of naturalists, environmentalists and politicians, aware of the need to preserve one of the biggest tourist attractions in Florianopolis, led to the creation of the Municipal Park Galheta by Law 3455/90, passed by Decree 698/94. This law states that all of the Park is 149.30 acres of permanent conservation, with an express prohibition of any type of construction, land subdivision, camping, hunting of animals and destruction of vegetation, entry of domestic animals, and motor vehicle access .
Naturism / Nudism
The Naturism, ancient practice this beach, is favoured by the Friends of the Galheta - AGAL, ​​nonprofit organisation that fights for its official and full preservation of the park.
The movement is characterized by the total acceptance of the body as well, nothing wrong or shameful, thus assuming the nudity in appropriate places in a social context of mutual respect. The commitment to the preservation of nature is also part of the movement, which believes it is perfectly consistent with this view and lifestyle
Naturists have been highlighted over the years as guardians of the park, collecting garbage, fight not only against seizures and undue degradation of fauna, flora and soil, but also recovering the vegetation by planting trees. Thanks to the persistent work and support of Councilman Márcio de Souza and Mr Fernando Gabeira, naturism was formalized in Galheta, by unanimous vote of the City of Florianopolis, through Law No. 195/97 CMF, with admission to practice only nudist beach, without a mandatory nature.
Archaeological Sites
The Galheta has archaeological sites with rock inscriptions, lithic workshops, stone tools and sharpeners, markers of the presence of people in this area for about 6000 years.