Mill Valley (Valle dei Mulini)

One of the hidden jewels of the Province of Vicenza - Valle dei Mulini
Found the Valle dei mulini few years ago when I was biking around Mossano.

Mossano is a little town on the south of Vicenza, just on the edge of the Berici Hills.   It's a little valley with some mills that are very nice to visit, the place is very well kept and is great for family pictures, for a relaxing walk after lunch or for bring your friends and family when they are visiting town. You can also bring some sandwiches and have a picnic with your kids at the Valle dei Mullini

The walk is no more than 30 minutes, there is free parking available at the street.

This is the one of the offbeat tourist destination of Vicenza province, still very charming and great for a quick drive for a relaxing walk.

Here is some pictures of the Mill Valley (Valle dei Mulini).
The address you will find after those pictures.


Valle dei mulini

GPS for the parking (enter on the right of the concrete bench and you will see the parking): 45.418166, 11.551484
Address: Contra dei Munari, Mossano, Italy.