The wolf trail

 Called wolf trail because of the presence of wolfs in that area. You don't have to worry about them, they do not attack humans.

The trail starts in a very quiet and peaceful city called Campofontana, just one hour from Vicenza. From this town you can see other villages from a war Alpini memorial.
 The trail is located at the Lessinia Regional Natural Park. There is a free and safe parking and clean water to fill you water bottles. The parking is located in front of the cemetery. The GPS coordinates are
 45°38'18.1"N 11°09'21.2"E .

 You start the wolf trail following CAI n. 205. The trail starts on the left side of the cemetery. This trail is very easy, you can do in about two hours. The wolf trail ends on the Cima Lobbia.

 The trail still continues, if you have time and energy you can go until the Passo della Scagina or  until the Rifugio Bertagnoli where you can spend the night and come back next day. The Rifugio Bertagnoli is very nice and inexpensive, a glass of wine for example is just EUR1,15 and to sleep there is EUR28 per person.

 This trail is walkable on mid spring, summer and fall. On winter is possible with snow shoes.