Top 10 places to visit in Vicenza

1. Piazza dei signori
The Basilica Palladiana is the most iconic building of Vicenza. During summer you can visit the basilica terrace that offers views of the Piazza del Signori. On Tuesdays and Thursdays you can visit flea market and in the summer this square is very popular as it is hosting live music events and festivals.
2. Teatro Olimpico

This gorgeous theatre is one of the most visited places in Vicenza and it was design by Palladio like most of the town. Now it is a part of UNESCO World Heritage. It is truly remarkable, but my favorite part is the garden outside the entrance. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9AM-5PM and the cost of entry is 11 EUR.

3. Villa la Rotonda

One of the nicest and the most famous villas designed by Palladio. It is located a bit outside of city center, but definitely worth a visit. But to see this beauty you will have to hike up the hill. But terrific views of lovely Vicenza will make this short hike even more special. It is open every Wednesday and Saturday from 10AM-12PM and 3PM-6PM and the entrance fee is 10 EUR. They offer private tours as well, but reservation 2 weeks in advance is required.

4. Parco Querini

In the northern part of the old town you can find the Parco Querini – this park is a wonderful place to visit. The park also contains several wooded areas with walking paths winding through them, and some manicured lawns perfect for playing ball-games or sunbathing. Querini Park used to have a big population of rabbits, unfortunately the administration of the park had to remove and kill all of them because they had a form of diseases that could spread for other animals.  There is still a little family of chickens and ducks left.

5. Corso Andrea Palladio 

The Corso Andrea Palladio pays homage to this famous architect and designer and is one of the main streets in the historic old town centre.
Along this street, you can find various pallaces and structure, some of which were designed by Palladio himself. 
This whole area is brimming with beautiful buildings, but the street also contains a great selection of shops and restaurants and is one of the main retail areas in the old town. On Sundays afternoon, Corso Palladio if full of people doing their passeggiata.

6. Coffee at Pigafetta

Simply one of the best coffee shop in the world, and is in Vicenza!
Pigafetta have a great varieties of coffees and teas. Also different ones like Caffe with pistachio cream, coconut, walnuts, tiramisu etc... When you order a cafe, you can choose when the beans come from. They have coffee from everywhere in the world.When you get there, sit and wait to be served. They don't like when you order direct to them at the bar... Just relax and do be in rush!They also have great varieties of teas. My favourite is the Passion fruit tea.
Other thing I like a lot at the Pigafetta is the Argentinian sweet called Alfajor, I lived in Argentina so when I eat that is like been transported again in the cosy coffee shops in Buenos Aires.
Carla, the owner is a very stylish lady, she speaks english and is very friendly.

7. Go up Monte Berico

In the southern part of Vicenza, the hills climb upwards towards Monte Berico and the Piazza della Vittoria offers panoramic views of the city.
Behind this wonderful viewing platform is the Basilica di Monte Berico that was built in the 17th century.
The actual design of the church is based on La Rotonda and features four symmetrical walls with various statues and ornate artwork.
Inside the church is a series of beautiful paintings including The Supper of St.Gregory, Pieta and Virgin with your evangelists. To walk back to the city, it advisable to pass through the immense 800m long covered corridor or portico that stretches from the front of the church, right down to the base of the railway station.

8. Visit the copper shop

For who went to my house know that I love copper pans. I have copper pans hanging everywhere! The majority of the pans come from the famous copper shop in Vicenza, Dal Toso. It's a historical place in Vicenza and they are beating copper pans since 1896, a long time! Alessandro and his dad are very passionate about their job all the pans are made by hand. Each pan is unique and you will not find nothing like that anywhere else. I'm addicted in buying things at that shop and a strongly recommend you to get at least a small pan as a souvenir of Vicenza!

9. Pigafetta's house

Pigafetta is well known for been the first first travel writers in the history, he was on the trip that completed the first circumnavigation of the world by boat in 1522.
 His house is for sure one of the most extravagant house in Vicenza. The portal, which dates back to the Renaissance, is flanked by an inscription in old French: "Il n'est roses, sans espine " (there is no rose without thorns). The house was built in 1440, and Pigafetta bought and remodeled this house with his tastes on the year 0f 1481.
10. Ponte San Michele

Due to its location on the river, Vicenza has a series of bridges that cross the water, enabling traffic and pedestrians to move freely through the city.
One of the most beautiful and picturesque bridges is the Ponte San Michele.You can find this bridge only a short walk from the Piazza dei Signori and it is advisable to walk over the bridge itself, but also view it from the adjacent Ponte San Paolo.
What makes this bridge so attractive is its surroundings – firstly, the terracotta roofed buildings frame the bridge, and secondly the clear waters and the various greenery, trees and flowers add colour and contrast. This is the perfect place to get some postcard worthy photos.