Road of 52 Tunnels

Road of 52 Tunnels

One of the most scenic hikes on the province of Vicenza via 52 individual tunnels.
Built on the First World War by Alpini troops, the road of 52 Tunnels (52 Gallerie) is a scenic covered path that will lead the hikers in and out of the 52 Tunnels.

Originally built as a supply line for Italian troops who were defending against Austrian and Hungarian forces in the mountainous high country, the path was made to accommodate the soldiers and their mules. Italy’s 5th Engineering Regiment carved out the trail in less than a year, no small feat given the technology of the time. The vistas and porticoes formed by the tunnels and the path were also used as defensive positions during heated fighting.
Once the trail was completed, it stretched over four miles of terrain, over a mile and a half of which is contained within the various tunnels. Each of the passages was given its own appellation by the builders and a number of them had decorative arches built over the entrances. One of the most striking tunnels along the way is #20 which is carved into a stone tower in a corkscrew.
Today the road is open to visitors and can be hiked from start to finish, although it is not for the faint of heart. The tunnels are unlit and flashlights are required. The higher climbs  can be hazardous, but for anyone willing to brave the heights it is a stunning mix of nature and engineering prowess.

What to bring on your hike of the 52 Tunnels?

-Hiking shoes;
Top of Pasubio, take your time there and enjoy the nature.

-Five Euros in coins, the parking of the 52 Tunnels just accept coins;
-Emergency kit;
-More cash (There is a nice restaurant at the top, they don't accept cards);
-If you bring your dog keep on the leash, it is very easy to loose your buddy forever in the 52 Tunnels hike;

More information about the 52 Tunnels:

Starting point: 52 Gallerie parking space above the Xomo mountain pass

Route: Strada delle 52 Gallerie - Strada degli Scarubbi
Signposts: 366, 370
Distance: approx. 14 km (in total)
Walking time: approx. 4.5 hours (2.5 hours ascent, 2 hours descent)
Altitude difference: approx. 810 m
Altitude level: between 1,205m and 1,930m

Parking and driving at the 52 Tunnels (52 Galleries)

 To arrive at the starting point will take you about 1 hour drive from Vicenza. There is
Prince Charles did not had to worry about parking.
two parking lots there, one is free and you can park at the Rifugio passo Xomo, the other parking is the Bocchetta di Campiglia that will cost you six Euros in coins. If you have a big car and no experience in driving in mountain dirt roads I would pick the Rifugio Passo Xomo option. If you take the free option, it will take you maybe 15 minutes more of a walk.

Three options for spending the night after you hike the 52 tunnels

The first option is spend the night at the top of Pasubio mountain at the Rifugio Achille Papa. The Rifugio 
provides very low cost accommodations with food, wine and beer.

My tent

The second option is camping. Wild camping in Italy is illegal, but is legal to camp after the sunset and before the sun rise. The Italian word for that is Bivacco Alpino. I did slept in the tent one time and was one of the best experiences I had in the Alps, the place is so quiet and you can see all the stars! As you can see is hard to me to follow the law, so the picture is not between the sunset and sunrise.

The third option is using the free Bivacco that is open for everyone on the top of the hill after the restaurant. You can make friends there as the Bivacco can fit many people.

Free Bivacco

Last year I found plenty of Edelweiss on the top of the Pasubio. Do not take it home!

You can check the weather and condition of the 52 Galleries looking the live webcam.

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