Bacareto da Lele, pearl in Venice.

One of the smallest, and maybe the most authentic kept secret bar in Venice.

Bacareto da Lele

Going to Venice can be exhausting, specially when you get hungry and you don't want to spend a lot of money in bad food and bad service. If you are tired of being ripped off in Venice you should try the Bacareto da Lele. Located in front of the German consulate is one of the only places in that area where you can eat like a local, pay like a local without getting in a tourist trap. 

Best place to sit down is right on the steps of the canal as there is no sits inside the Bacareto da Lele.
Bacareto da Lele

A glass of wine goes for about 60/90 cents of Euro and a delicious sandwich about 1 Euro. Be patient because can be crowed of mostly locals trying to get a little 'ombra' and a snack. When I go I already order two sandwiches because they are very tasty. The wine is a table wine, but is not bad at all.

Bacareto da Lele.
Bacareto da Lele address,
Campo dei Tolentini 183
Venezia, Italia 
(Santa Croce)

Just type on Google maps (bacareto da lele), if do not come on the GPS type German consulate and is right in front.