Kayaking at the Lake Garda

 Lake Garda is considered the most mediterranean lake in Europe. The landscape is full of olive trees, orchards, Roman ruins, medieval and renascence cities and vineyards, due to the micro-climate around the lake. All the little towns are very busy during the high season (May-September), so the best way to discover the lake is from the water point of view.

 Took me a lot of research to organise this itinerary, but I can't tell you, it is just perfect! From Peschiera del Garda to Sirmione, two of the most scenic towns in the south of the lake.

 Found a free, safe and perfect parking spot, so it's easy to park and simple to unload the Kayak from the car and start the adventure.

The address for the parking lot is: Strada Bergamini, 14, Peschiera del Garda, VR, Italy. GPS: 45.450314, 10.671496 .

 Started the Kayak trip from Peschiera at 1pm, there was a little bit of wind blowing from the north part of the lake, but it was still not bad for kayaking. From that little beach go right/East in Peschiera del Garda historical center, is beautiful to Kayak over there. Passing right under beautiful bridges of the old castle. From there, start going to Sirmione. You will see Sirmione on the North/West side, just Kayak towards the castle tower, it will look far but is not so bad. Took me about one hour going relatively slow. On the north part of Sirmione there is a friendly beach, I stoped there for a while and had a nice beer at the bar facing the lake. The feeling is like if you are in a tropical beach for a little bit, but without salt and sand so it's actually much better. The water temperature was great in July.

 After I had the beer and a little rest I started going back to Peschiera del Garda, but I took a different route going all around the Sirmione island. You will find on the left side a little canal, that canal leads you to the castle. It is a very nice view from the kayak, you will notice many tourists looking at you, probably jealous.  After you pass that big bridge you are right on route back to Peschiera del Garda parking lot. On the way back there was a wind on the back so it was very easy.